Colposcopy Treatment Questions and Answers

If you have been referred for a colposcopy, come to Women’s Healthcare for medical service you can trust. Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced at performing colposcopies and can help you determine the health of your reproductive system.

Colposcopy Treatment Near Me in Evergreen Park, IL and Mokena, IL
Colposcopy Treatment Near Me in Evergreen Park, IL and Mokena, IL

Health is the single most important aspect of life, because without health, no other facet of life can be enjoyed or appreciated. There are many things we can do to ensure we are in good health, one of the easiest being preventative screenings. These health examinations come in many forms and can help determine the health of different organs and body systems. For women, a big health concern involves the reproductive system, which can be subjected to various diseases and conditions. A colposcopy is an exam that tests the health of the cervix and is used to find abnormal cells. These tests can help determine cancerous cells, and if caught early on, can prevent life-threatening disease.

How is a colposcopy done?

A colposcopy is a simple in-office procedure that only takes 5 to 10 minutes to perform. This procedure allows doctors to get a good look at the cervix, and is a lot like getting a Pap smear. The biggest difference is that doctors use a special magnifying instrument called a colposcope to perform the procedure, which takes a closer look at the health of the cells. Colposcopies are generally performed if a Pap smear shows abnormal results, allowing doctors to further diagnose any problems.

During a colposcopy, the doctor will ask the patient to lie on an exam table. During this time, they will use a speculum to hold open the vagina. Next, the doctor will dab a cotton swab in a solution and use it to wipe the cervix and vagina. This may be mildly uncomfortable, and a slight burning sensation may be present; however, this will help the doctor see any cells that do not look normal. After this, they will then use a colposcope to examine the cervix and vulva.

How long does it take to recover from a colposcopy?

Following a colposcopy, a person should feel fine as soon as it is over and can continue with their daily activities immediately afterwards. Light spotting or cramping may occur, but vaginal sex does not typically need to be avoided. However, if the doctor performed a biopsy (collected cell samples), it can take a few days to recover.

Should I be worried about a colposcopy?

If you have been referred for a colposcopy, it is important not to worry. The chances of cancer being present are very slim and any abnormal cells will not get worse while waiting for the appointment. Colposcopies are standard procedures that are performed everyday.

When do I need a colposcopy?

A colposcopy is most often recommended when:

  • Pap smear results indicate the presence of abnormal cell growth or precancerous cells
  • Unusual lesions are spotted during a pelvic exam

What are the benefits of a colposcopy?

The benefits of a colposcopy include:

  • Helps providers carefully examine the cervix, vagina, vulva
  • Can obtain tissue samples during the procedure
  • Facilitates accurate diagnosis and helps prevent cervical cancer

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