Early Pregnancy Assessment Program

Early Pregnancy Assessment Program Questions and Answers

If you are pregnant, come to Women’s Healthcare of Illinois for an early pregnancy assessment. For more information, call us now or schedule an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Program Near Me in Evergreen Park, IL and Mokena, IL
Early Pregnancy Assessment Program Near Me in Evergreen Park, IL and Mokena, IL

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What is an early pregnancy assessment?
What is the early pregnancy unit?
What are early pregnancy complications?

Pregnancy is an important time in each mother’s life, often requiring several health changes and lifestyle modifications. One of these changes is frequent healthcare visits with an obstetrician, which are important to ensure the health and development of the fetus. These are important in all stages of pregnancy, and are especially important in the first trimester if the mother is experiencing bleeding or has a history of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Fortunately, obstetrics has seen several advancements in the last few decades, leading to fewer miscarriages, higher successful delivery rates, and healthier babies.

What is an early pregnancy assessment?

An early pregnancy assessment typically involves the date of your last period as well as various symptoms of pregnancy that you might have had. It also takes note of any previous pregnancies, whether it went to full term and delivery, or if there were any miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies. If there is any bleeding involved, the woman would undergo further diagnostic tests, such as a trans vaginal ultrasound. In addition to this, early pregnancy assessments also take note of the number of fetuses and check the fallopian tubes to ensure there is not an ectopic pregnancy. Quantitative hCG levels can be taken via a blood test if there are any doubts about the viability of the pregnancy, or of the location. This blood test measures the specific levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), to see how the pregnancy is progressing. If it is without uterine progression, further intervention may be required.

What is the early pregnancy unit?

The early pregnancy unit is a dedicated hospital department that handles any problems in early pregnancy, such as pain or vaginal bleeding. While light vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramps are not uncommon in early pregnancy, they may also be indicative of a potential problem with the pregnancy, including a miscarriage or another complication. The most common complication of pregnancy is miscarriage or fetal loss and affects on average 20 percent of all pregnancies. The staff in the early pregnancy unit will assess you and your pregnancy, which may involve a review of medical history, an examination, and an ultrasound scan. In addition to this, the assessment often involves an internal examination and a vaginal scan to help gather the most accurate information possible about what is happening to you and your baby.

What are early pregnancy complications?

Some women experience health problems during pregnancy. This can involve the health of the fetus, the health of the mother, or potentially both. Even women who were healthy before getting pregnant can experience complications, and these complications may make the pregnancy high-risk. By enabling health care providers to diagnose, treat, or manage conditions before they become serious, getting early and regular prenatal care can help decrease the risk for problems. Prenatal care can also help identify mental health concerns related to pregnancy, such as depression, anxiety, stress or lack of sleep. Some common complications of pregnancy include:

– High Blood Pressure
– Gestational Diabetes
– Infections
– Preeclampsia
– Preterm Labor
– Depression & Anxiety
– Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage
– Stillbirth

These are just a few of the possible complications that can occur during a pregnancy. If you are experiencing worrying symptoms or have other concerns about the health of your baby, please contact your healthcare professional as soon as possible.

Our qualified and caring physicians can help you take every step necessary to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy and a successful delivery. Call us today to book an appointment for an early pregnancy assessment, or visit one of our two convenient locations: in Evergreen Park, IL, and Mokena, IL. We look forward to serving you!  We serve patients from Evergreen Park IL, Mokena IL, Chicago Ridge IL, Oak Lawn IL, Hickory Hills IL, Bridgeview IL, and Bedford Park IL.

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