Gynecology Specialist Q & A

If you are looking for a Gynecology Specialist in Illinois please come see us at Women’s Healthcare of Illinois. All our doctors specialize in both Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Gynecology Specialist Q and A
Gynecology Specialist Q and A

If you are a Woman 13 years or older you should be making regular visits to a gynecology specialist. A gynecologist can help with symptoms of pelvis or vaginal pain, abnormal uterine bleeding or any issues regarding menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, fertility, or female puberty. At Women’s Healthcare of Illinois our founder, Dr. Kenneth Finkelstein, has been providing gynecological care in the Chicagoland Area for over 20 years. With our expertise and cutting-edge techniques please make us your first choice when seeking out or changing gynecology specialists.

What are good questions to ask a gynecologist?

Our main goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, so no questions are off the table. First thing to know is that it is an excellent idea to write down any questions you may wish to ask your gynecologist. You should also make sure that you make note of your last monthly period, specifically when it began and when it ended.

Some of the most common questions asked of gynecologists involve female sexuality and concerns. It is important to know that the doctors are not judging you and you should feel comfortable voicing any concerns regarding sex.

Gynecologists can also field questions regarding your general health and hygiene of the genital area such as abnormal itching or smells. Whether or not you should be washing or cleansing the vaginal area or if you are unable to hold urination. Remember that this is a gynecologist’s job, and they are ready and willing to help you with any concerns regarding your health and you should never feel embarrassed or ashamed.

What should I expect the first time I visit a Gynecologist?

In order to get a full idea of your gynecological health our gynecologist will conduct a pelvic exam that includes a pap smear and may conduct additional tests on the rest of your pelvic organs such as your ovaries, uterus, rectum, vulva and vagina. Often you will discuss with the gynecologist what tests you desire and what tests are necessary in order to best determine your comfort level and concerns.

Can you see a gynecologist on your period?

Yes, this is nothing new for a gynecological specialist and it is determined more by your own personal comfort level. There is no need to reschedule a gynecological appointment due to an irregularly occurring period.

We hope that we have set you at ease regarding your decision to come to us with your gynecological issues and have answered a few of your burning questions. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience, or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today!