Maternity Care Q & A

Prenatal Care is important for preventing complications surrounding birth. They can be essential for protecting the health of both mother and infant. Come to Women’s Healthcare of Illinois for Maternity Care.

Maternity Care Q and A
Maternity Care Q and A

Good prenatal care can help make all the difference in ensuring the health and happiness of both mother and child. Prenatal care can help make the process of pregnancy and birth easier and ensure smooth and healthy early days for your infant. At Women’s Healthcare of Illinois all our physicians are specialists in both Gynecology and Obstetrics and have years of experience dealing with maternity care. In addition, we have an experienced staff of nurses and midwives who are experts in providing personalized maternity care that is tailored to meet the individuals needs and help develop an individual birth plan for you.

Why is maternity care important?

Maternity Care is important because it helps maintain the health of both mother and infant. Seeing a doctor as soon as you believe that you may be pregnant will help ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy.

What care should be taken during pregnancy?

Regular visits to your General Practitioner or OB/GYN will help give you a better understanding of both your own health and the health of your baby. This routine visit helps establish the baseline for our doctors and will help them keep track of any changes during your pregnancy.

Changes to diet and lifestyle are also necessary. Obvious changes during pregnancy include abstaining from smoking, alcohol and any recreational drug use. Certain foods should also be avoided, cold cuts, certain types of milk/cheeses, raw fish or fish that are considered high in mercury, and foods or beverages that are high in caffeine.

Ensuring you eat 3 regular meals and have several health snacks per day can help ensure good energy and health. Getting regular exercise within the appropriate parameters for pregnancy will also help you stay healthy and happy.

How can a lack of prenatal care harm a baby?

The consequences of not receiving prenatal care can include a higher risk of infant mortality, higher risks of miscarriage and a lower birth weight than mothers who do receive maternal care from a physician or midwife.

A lack of prenatal care can also cause a great deal of discomfort and anxiety in patients due to a lack of information about what your body may be going through, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Staying informed about what is occurring will help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to ensure your own comfort and promote the health of your baby.

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