Videos at Women’s Healthcare of Illinois

Watch these videos of our Clinic, Dr. Kenneth Finkelstein DO, FACOOG and Dr. David Beckmann MD discussing different services and Healthcare topics.

Healthy Mamas & Babies: Meet a prenatal nutrition expert

Episode 13: Dr. Beckmann discusses care collaboration

Healthy Mamas & Babies: Prenatal exercise strategies

Episode 11: It’s time to get moving!

Healthy Mamas & Babies: Addressing urinary incontinence

Episode10: Talking to the Obesity Expert

Episode 9: Kids and anxiety during quarantine

Episode 8: Why serology testing matters (plus a music break)

Episode 7: Deep breath … we can do this together

Episode 5: Our special guest discusses mental wellness

Episode 3: Drive-up COVID testing begins

Episode 14: Family activities during the pandemic

Healthy Mamas & Babies: Midwife Q&A and office tour

Episode 12: Surgery, travel, and masks during wave 2

Special: Meet our award-winning midwife

Healthy Mamas & Babies: Meet our amazing midwives

Healthy Mamas & Babies: Tips for a healthier Pelvic Floor

Special: How to properly wear your mask and gloves

Healthy Mamas & Babies: How to pick the right breast pump

Episode 6: We’re on Zoom, talking about antibody testing

Episode 4: Advice for moms-to-be during the pandemic

Episode 2: Talking coronavirus and safety precautions