Preventative Healthcare Services Q & A

Preventative Health Care involves routine check-ups, regular patient counselling, self-care and regular tests to prevent illnesses, diseases and other long-term health problems. Come to Women’s Healthcare of Illinois for Preventative Healthcare Services.

Preventative Healthcare Services Q and A
Preventative Healthcare Services Q and A

Preventative healthcare also known as prophylaxisis, involves the prevention of illnesses to help decrease the burden of disease. Working with your general practitioner can have a positive impact on your health and help you live a healthier and happier life.

What are some of the preventative services in Healthcare?

One of the main factors in the practice of preventative medicine is routine. This means getting physical exams to ensure you’re in good health. Physicals allow doctors to get a better idea of a patient’s overall health so that they can make accurate recommendations to prevent from diseases or illnesses in the future. Frequently this involves a small degree of lifestyle counselling such as encouraging exercise, changes to diet or a reduction in alcohol consumption/smoking.

Regular screenings and lab tests are also an important part of preventative healthcare. Much like Physical exams, Screenings and testing’s help give doctors a better idea of your overall health. Cholesterol screenings and general bloodwork tests are two common tests that give doctors great insight on your health.

What are some examples of preventative healthcare?

Many weight related conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol fall under the preventative healthcare umbrella. Often conditions like High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol are related to heart disease. Obesity related illnesses are among the most common, accounting for an estimated 300,000 deaths per year in America.

Cancer screenings are also an example of preventative care. Regular screenings for common cancers such as breast and colon cancer are a great way to help catch the early stages of the disease.  Catching cancer early can make all the difference in treatment, allowing doctors to catch the disease before it starts to spread.

Lifestyle Counselling such as encouraging healthier eating, regular exercise habits and cutting down on consumption of tobacco or alcohol will often reduce the risk of associated illnesses. These measures can also help address some mental health issues such as depression and insomnia.

Vaccinations are also one of the most effective and important forms of preventative care. Ensuring that you and your family haveup todate vaccinations can help you avoid suffering from some common and in some cases life threatening illnesses.

What lab tests are covered under preventative care?

Routine Blood Work and Cancer Screenings are the most common tests run as part of preventative medicine. Here at Women’s Healthcare of Illinois we perform our routine Well Woman Care tests which include regular screenings for Breast and Ovarian Cancers, testing for Osteoporosis and regular testing for Diabetes. Additional lab tests for conditions such as gestational diabetes and anemia may be conducted as part of obstetrics as well.

Here at Women’s Healthcare of Illinois we believe that preventative Medicine is a partnership between you and your doctor that can help you maximize your health and live a more comfortable life. Helping you achieve your health goals is important to us, so please feel free to make an appointment with one of our expert physicians today!