Robotic Surgery Q & A

Women’s Healthcare of Illinois is excited to offer Robotic-Assisted Surgery at both of our locations. This technology allows our doctors to perform more precise surgeries that may not be possible otherwise.

Robotic Surgery Q and A
Robotic Surgery Q and A

Robotic Assisted Surgery allows for a more precise surgery with a less invasive approach than traditional surgeries. Our clinic’s founder, Dr. Kenneth Finkelstein, is a certified Da Vinci Robotic Surgeon and also trains other surgeons in the Robotic Surgery Method nationwide. We are confident that you will be pleased with the expertise and benefits of Robotic Assisted Surgery.

Is Robot Assisted Surgery better?

While “better” is a subjective term, especially when it comes to surgery, however there are many direct benefits associated with Robot Assisted Surgery. One being that the surgeon has considerably better visualization during the surgery as the robot offers high-resolution magnification and a three-dimensional view. Depending on the surgery required, sometimes a skin incision isn’t even required, further reducing trauma to the patients. This technology can also make surgeries less invasive, less painful, and more precise than traditional surgical methods. Several published studies of Robot Assisted Procedures have found excellent success rates, ranging from 94 to 100%. Other major patient benefits include quicker recovery time, shorter hospital stays, reduced trauma, reduced scarring, and a general reduction in post-operation discomfort.

Does robotic surgery take longer?

Yes, one of the few disadvantages of Robotic Assisted Surgery is the longer required surgery time. Many of the surgeries performed by the Da Vinci system are quite delicate and require a great deal of care and some procedures may take up to 14 hours. While these surgical times can be significant, we at Women’s Healthcare of Illinois believe the benefits far outweigh the time commitment.

Which procedures can be performed using robotic surgery?

The procedures we commonly use with the Da Vinci Surgical System are often times gynecological or obstetric in nature. We use the system to perform removal of cancerous tissue from the cervix or uterus, use it to treat endometriosis, pelvic organ prolapses, fibroids, perform hysterectomies and much more. Robot Assisted Surgery is exceptionally effective in dealing with gynecological and obstetric problems in women and has made many routine surgeries considerably easier for patients that suffer from these issues.

Robot Assisted surgery is also frequently used for Coronary Artery Bypasses, Gallbladder Removal, Hip Replacement Surgery, extremely precise operations on cancer tissue and kidney removals and transplants.

Robot Assisted Surgery is USFDA Approved and our team stands by the benefits created by this state-of-the-art technology. If you require a surgery, feel free to book a consultation at our clinic and we will help you determine if Robotic Assisted Surgery is right for you.